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Interior Designer at Atelier PRO The Hague (NL) November 2019 - Now

Owner Studio Sarah Anne Rootert The Hague (NL) December 2018 - Dec 2021

Graduated Royal Academy of Art The Hague (NL) BA Interior Architecture and Furniture Design, 2018

Internship Burgers Architecture Inc. Vancouver (CA) Interior Architecture, 5 months in 2017

Sarah Anne Rootert has been interior designer at atelier PRO since November 2019. Besides interior design she has a broad interest in the field of furniture design and design in general. She obtained her bachelor's degree in 2018 from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, studying interior architecture and furniture design. During her studies she developed a broad interest and fondness for the Art Deco period, which has a rich history linked to cultural references. This inspired her to relate her own Moluccan cultural background to design. In her research on Moluccan culture she designed symbols that refer to aspects of that culture. The symbols together form a pattern that Sarah applied in a series of tables, worked out into inlays in the tabletop. After her graduation she further developed the designs, found a manufacturer and participated in several exhibitions and fairs internationally.

Accordingly she further developed her knowledge for interior design and continues working on it at atelier PRO. Her broad passion for design, art and interiors inspires and substantiates her for the development of various projects. Characteristic in her way of working is the refinement of detailing through concept development and color development.