titel of series - Table Small

year of production - 2019

Materials - woods and bronze

Technique - marquetry

Measurements - 60cm x 60cm x 45cm

Price - € 3800 incl.

Amboina explores South Moluccan culture, 

by means of a pattern in marquetry. The 

pattern refers to different cultural aspects 

such as geography, semiotics, community, 

flora, fauna, history and politics. These are 

represented by abstracted symbols. Their 

importance is indicated by their position

and scale within the iconography of the



The set of tables, with the pattern decorating 

the tabletops, take a lead from Art Deco, as 

modern reinterpretation of traditional 

marquetry craft. The use of distinct materials, 

such as wood and bronze, add to the cultural

values represented in the pattern.